Observing others, teams, organizations, companies not moving (forward), making any progress it seems like some things have not been clarIfied how to…

If you, your team, your organization or your company want to make significant progress some important topics need to be defined and adressed precisley, sometimes regularly repeated, such as

– what is the objective, the result, the progress you are expecting
– who is responsible, doing what and until when
– Being agile: Requesting progress regularly
– Defining and having and overview about agreed frameworks: regularly interferring if actions, ways, decisions, results, budget and date excedences occur away from your agreed framework and adjust

Therefore leadership has to have a clear edge, being precise in its request, in its definition for an objective, where to move to, what things need to be undertaken and what things should be prevented. Vague directives will not help.

For effective lessons learned and continuous improvement we need to move towards a failure culture.

The major challenge to overcome is to talk about mistakes, failures, scrap rate and rework without finger pointing.
Without open communication and common understanding what went wrong, failures will be repeated.

Fingerpointing – making people responsible for reasons, not taking responsibility for your own mistakes will not support establishing a failure culture. Naming persons, departments, functions, responsibilities need to be excluded talking about failures, or root cause analysis and improvement will fail.

To talk about issues, conflicts, failures, mistakes is the initial step to improve.