We are lacking on qualified employees, there is many unutilized jobs out there, we do not have enough experts.


The natural fluctuation of our senior colleagues cannot be compensated by the same numbers of new hires and trainees.

This fact is well known since more than 30 years! How do you deal with the loss of experience and expertise capacity in your organization, team, company?

Unfortunately there are no short-term measures. You need to untertake some permanent acitvities that should be on your regular agenda, such as…

The ‘war of talents’ will not end in the next years. Efforts and costs for hiring, integrating and ramping up new colleagues are always more expensive than intensifying the identification and the connection of your colleagues and your company.

Happy to read your thoughts on this…

Trust in your team and trust in the task-management of your employees rather than micromanage. Micromanagement is counterproductive.

Managing the tasks of every employee on detail and controlling any step of employees robs valuable time that could be invested in actual management-relevant tasks.

Micromanagement leads to a corporate culture, where employees reflect the loss of trust within the team, where employees loose their intrinsic motivation & where leaders overwork – loosing the capacity for management priorities.

Valuable results follow from trust!

Trust in your team, expand and grow with your team!